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Apart from my portfolio, I have a couple projects I started for myself and  continued as freeware.


This is my first big project. It’s a pentesting tool which allows you to modify the HTTP headers you send to a web page before visiting it, edit cookies, inspect forms on the page, enable/disable browser functions, manipulate the current URL, encode/decode strings, and more.

The design si HTML and CSS, the functionality is JavaScript and it’s using the Chrome Extension APIs and a couple JS libs to handle keyboard shurtcuts and other minor things.

Krypton (MultiEncoder.com)

This is another JavaScript project, which allows you to rapidly encode/decode strings using various algorithms and generate hashes. It features quite a lot of algorithms and the option “realtime encoding”, which encodes everything while typing. You can find more on the Settings page.


This is a PHP class which shows you all the information that can be gathered from a single web site visit. It also features a JS part, which, too, gathers information about you.


Pixelator is an open source library that allows you to generate a HTML-only image (a collection of pixels) from an image (PNG, JPEG etc).


This is a CLI tool, written in Python, which allows you to encode given strings in the following ciphers and algorithms: base64, base32, base16, binary, hex, ascii, rot13, url, md5, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512.

Botcoi (Being Optimized for Thorough Calculation and Online Infiltration)

This is an interactive bot written in PHP, for a chat I used. It responds to specific commands, either directly to the callee, or globally, visible to all the (online) users.

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